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My Friends

I live with my girlfriend Mary. We have been together for almost 3 years and met in a philosophy course here at UAA. She graduated with a BA in Psychology last semester. She has a passion for wild flora, able to identify every plant along a hike ad nauseam. We enjoy many of the same outdoor activities and she also likes traveling. She is a stellar knitter and a great cook... which leads to some debate in the kitchen as I still think I am king of the culinary realm, master of the spatula... lord of the cutting board... pope of the saucepot, but I can't bake anything that wouldn't best be used for construction purposes... she wins clearly there as her baking is divine.

Our dog Dylan (actually he owns us) is a dream dog. Very intelligent, very affectionate and semi-loyal, he'll turncoat for as little as an oreo however with a moose around he'll position himself in between us and it and just maintain the separation. He has been with us for two years. A husky mix, with what is a mystery to everyone. He may likely have whippet and lab in him. He runs like the wind and swims like a torpedo thanks to his webbed feet. He loves to play frisbee or fetch ball and will deposit it gently into your hands for the next throw. Did I mention he was intelligent? It only took 2 days to teach him to bring you his leash when he wanted to go out. He obeys commands very well except for the occasional periods of rebellion when he tests boundaries by coming on the 4th call 'cause he knows a 5th is bad news. As a norm one is enough.

Martin is a friend I have had for around 24 years. As teens we owned our neighborhood along with a few other miscreants. Our summers were spent camping, competing in archery, hunting bunnies/woodchucks/frogs (yes we actually shot a frog once or twice) fishing and the general youth mayhem. We kept in touch after he joined the service and he stopped by evry time he was in the area. As a kid he grew up in Kodiak. When his enlistment ended he stayed in Anchorage. He was responsible for bringing me here to Alaska. Took me into his home for several months and included me in many outings even though I don't shoot archery any longer.
Thank you Martin.

When I lived in New Hampshire a coworker of mine there gave me a pair of "female" parakeets that several months later mated and laid eggs. Only one egg survived to hatching and the hen for some reason abandoned the chicks upon hatching.. In the process of raising that first chick, breeding and caring for parakeets and cockatiels became a pleasant meaningful pass time. I would then give the birds over to a pet shop owner in exchange for a considerable discounted on supplies. Every clutch amazed me as to how fast the chicks grew. They double in size everyday for the first week and half. Photo shows three chicks, an egg due to hatch and a quarter for size perspective. Each laid a day apart, each hatched a day apart. All four chicks made it into adult parakeets. Today I have a single bipolar cockatiel whose name varies with his mood, in general he's "Mr. Bird". He wolfwhistles and says "pretty bird" among many other calls. The worst is a perfect pitch smoke detector. I also have a pair of parakeets that are simply pets, no breeding. Dylan is very gentle with them.
Mary and I enjoying a Lobster feast in New Hampsire, Jan. 2006

Dylan catching a frisbee
"you can't grill it 'les you kill it" Rabbit in butter and garlic