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About me

I am Ken Gregory and this is a glimpse into my world.

I am originally from the province of Madrid, Spain. My father was in the US Air Force stationed there, where he met and married my mother, a native of Spain. I was blessed with the opportunity to travel regularly, one of my favorite things to do.

In my travels I have found that people of different cultures are pretty much the same... for the most part everyone enjoys and wishes to be amiable with one another, that is, as people..."while on the job" that varies.

I have lived half my life in Spain, both as a military brat and as an adult. The other half has been in the US in varied places like Nebraska, South Dakota, and Pennsylvania but mostly in New Hampshire and Alaska. While in New Hampshire and in South Dakota I became very fond of the outdoors. Camping , canoes, fishing, hunting became a passion which soaked up my spare time, that is when I wasn't traveling.

In 1996 I was diagnosed with Stargardts Disease which is a form of macular degeneration. The brief is that central visual acuity is shot. To me it resembles many little smudges of vaseline clustered around the center of your glasses. The effect is that it distorts and blurs what I try to focus on. Peoples faces are like mannequins at only 10 feet. No more driving, no more getting to the outdoors, no more traveling... or so it seemed for a while. During this time I lived in New Hampshire, worked for a large company that knew its employees by a number and a corresponding formulated value set...performing a high stress variant of Spanish interpreter. No public transit in the community but plenty of bars to go around. I needed a change. Late in 1998 I came to visit a life long friend in Anchorage. Saw the outdoors within reach... saw the public transit... if only all decisions were this easy. I saved religiously to make the move but other equally life altering events as the vision loss delayed me. At last, with an unplanned irony, I came to Alaska on October 12th 2000, Columbus Day.

Today I still don't get out as often as I would like but that is just fine, so long as I do from time to time. I have discovered among other things, a love for classical music (including opera... yes opera) to fill the void.

Ifach Seagulls overlooking Mediterranian town of Calpe, Spain

18 lb Silver Salmon, caught near Valdez AK, 2004
Rainbow in front of a patch of snow shaped like the state. Photo taken in an alpine valley south of Portage Glacier, July 2003.